Monday, September 7, 2015


September 7 is always a day of reflection. We have 2 daughters. Most of you only know of one, our Amazing, love filled Laurie. Laurie had a younger sister, Colleen,born September 7, who was never called anything but Coco. A name made up by 2 year old Laurie. They had to be each other's Besties. We lived on a farm 1 hour from town. Laurie was a thinker, reader, quiet reflector upon life. Coco was wild, impulsive in a scary way and yelled out to everyone. They were sisters. They fought, screamed,,cried,swore and totally adored each other for opposite reasons.They were so loved by their daddy. Laurie was his Princess and coco his Muffin.And I, well I loved them both more than my life...more than sunshine. I Mothered,Protected,and guided them to the best of my my knowing. Many years past, many memories made. We were older, our parents were ill, children were in College and addresses changed. Then Everything stopped. Coco died suddenly April 15th, she was 18.Our last talk, April 13th, making arrangements for her to take the bus to our new home in another province.Our last hug the day before we left. She sat on my knee, arms around my neck, crying, telling us her secret. We held her so tight both of us, mommy and daddy, assuring her we would always love her without conditions. She was our Muffin, our baby, our sunshine. Today September 7th, we will celebrate her life and give thanks for the amazing sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend that we all loved and still miss more than sunshine. Let there be cake!