Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finding the love

Love does not just arrive. You must search for love. First within yourself. Learning to love myself has been hard work. My Past experiences almost made it impossible. Almost impossible until a small crack of love light was recognized. The light came through my child, now a wife and parent, and came unconditionally. The problem with regret and burden is that it is easier to accept than love. Change is scary and easier to stop than start and is often one of the positives of a crises. Crises and near death had a big part to play in my finding love of self and embrassing and nurturing it. I am new to the art of nurturing self love and must consciously, vocally affirm my love for myself throughout my day. It is the first thing I do upon waking and the last I do before sleep. "I forgive me and I forgive you. I am lovable, a good person inspite of my mistakes I am gratefull for all Of my life experiences. They are who I am and have brought me here. Today,NOW,I will love myself, I am worthy.

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